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August 2019 - Closed for holidays

At Little Wiggles Dog Grooming we offer full service grooming for your smaller breed dogs. (Up to 25lbs) All full service grooms include deep tissue massage, nail trimming, pee breaks when necessary, healthy treats, and one groomer from start to finish. We do not use cage dryers; all dogs are hand dried; no dog is left unattendedWe offer a calm, stress free environment that is soothing to your pet.  Timely drop off and pick-up is imperitive to this system of one groomer to one dog to be effective. 

Our Goal is to work with your to improve the over-all health of your dog.  A healthy dog is a dog that is easy for everyone to love and enjoy.  This is achieved through through proven professional best practice standards of grooming practice.  We cater to difficult and special needs animals, however we are no longer taking aggresssive pets that bite due to severe injuries to the groomers hands and arms and face. Seniors are never a problem,pets with history of spinal injuries or epilepsy are handled with care.  please see our Senior Pet Page for more information.

 Each Little Wiggle gets a comprehensive "Doggy Grooming Report Card"  this includes a  non-veterinary heath report that covers health subjects including: ears, eyes, skin, coat, feet, nails & behavior.

Short and Smooth coats require a full service groom in order to manage all aspects of coat management.   If there is excessive undercoat to remove, or matts present there will be additional charges based on time spent to remove them in the most humane way.

One of the Poodle Progressions - This is a specialty groom that requires monthly professional grooming appointments as well as regular home grooming maintenance to prepare the coat in order to acheive this nicely finished look.   Extra charges apply for the artistic and detailed hand scissoring, specialty drying,  and products that are required to acheive this the progression styles.  This little girl's owner was very dedicated to the high level of home grooming required for this type of look.

This little Girl (above) is a  mixed breed with Terrier as the dominant breed.  She is a Full Service Groom because hand scissoring is incorporated into the grooming procedure, but it is accomplished within the time frame of a full service groom so there are no extra charges.

Here is an example of a "little one" in need of a simple clean-up; Full Service Groom - coat in good condition, no matting, excellent behavior

Here she is after her Full Service Groom - all nice and fresh!  What a little doll and a pleasure to work with!  Doesn't she look happy?


Full Service Appointment:  $80

Includes: clip down style of your choice, bath, dry and styling. You cat must arrive in an enclosed carrier for safety.   Please note: all cats will have their nails "tipped" and it is recommended they stay indoors for up to 2 weeks until their nails re-tip so they can protect themselves outdoors.   

      Phone:  250-635-4026  

             by appointment only

New Hours:  1pm-5pm   Tues. - Sat. 

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 All first standard appointments for new clients are approximately $60 for dogs and $80 for cats. This does not include extensive matt removal or show style grooms.  Please read the section on what to expect on your first visit on this website.    

Saturday, Evening and Stat. Holiday appointments by special request only.  (additional sur-charges apply)  Please do not call on Sundays or at unreasonable hours such as before 9am or after 7pm.

After hours calls will be returned the next business day   (between 10am and 6pm)     

New "No-Show" Policy - Effective Immediately:

Clients who do not show up and/or do not call when they cannot attend scheduled appointments with a reasonable notice (24hrs minimum) will be subject to a $25 no-show charge and a pre-pay requirement in order to book subsequent time for a new appointment. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this at anytime. Please do not book an appointment if you are not 100% committed to showing up.

Every attempt will be made to do courtesy calls to you prior to your appointment to confirm the appointment time and date, however if we are not able to perform courtesy calls this does not exempt you from showing up, or from paying the no-show fee - we call if/when we are able to. 

We are closed every August so please follow your suggested grooming schedule and plan ahead for your pet to be comfortable during this closure in the hottest month of the year. 

Thank you.

Please read all policies on the menu which is on the left of this page.                 

Full Service Groom:  $60

Total time 1 hour groom - Includes:  Ear care/cleaning, eye care, foot care, nails, massage, sanitary tidy, bath, clipper trim(basic style), bath, dry, cologne, bandana or bows, detailed written groom report.  then $5 for each 15 minutes of overtime  (up to 20lbs) Best suited for dogs requiring services including clipping, undercoat management, hand scissoring etc.  

Additional Charges:

Over 20lbs - $1 per pound

Specialty services  are charged at $5 per 15 mins

This includes:

·       Behavior management time

·       Hand Scissoring time

·       Special breed specific styles: Schnauzer,  Poodle Progressions, and long and silky styles. 

·       Hand stripping - for wire haired coats

Flea Policy:  If fleas are found:  all dogs will receive a mandatory flea treatment: $10 Charge

Cash or advance electronic funds transfer only

Sorry We Do Not Accept Cheques - No Exceptions

Missed Appointments      

New Policy Effective Immediately - all missed appointments will be charged a $25 fee and will be required to pre-pay in order to book further appointments.  Please do not book appointments that you cannot attend.  24hrs notice is required if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment. Clients who repeatedly miss appointments will have to find a new groomer.

Late Pick-up/Daycare:  $5 per hour as per groomers discretion based on behavior of dog.  1/2hr allowance included after every groom,Special care taken for grooming Seniors and pets with special needs too!Specialty & Show-style Groom programs available upon request!

Check out how a cat is groomed....this is an exceptional cat named "Sam"  it isn't always this easy!  If you like my grooming video, please click "like", and subscribe to my youtube page for more videos to come!

Online Dog Grooming Course

With over 30 years of hairdressing skills behind me and after much research into the field of grooming schools; I decided on JKL Training Academy.  I was able to train at home, on my own time, in a fully professional manner and have now been grooming professionally for 10 years. 

The JKL Pet Grooming program  offered full support for the one year it took to complete, and was exceptional in covering all aspects of pet grooming, running my own business, and verified the quality of  my skills though various means such as rigorous testing, peer mentors, photo and video submission and ongoing support/feedback on my skills and quality of work. 

I graduated with "Highest Honors" because I went above and beyond the requirements of graduation.

JKL offers continuous direct and personal support through the entire duration of the training period and beyond.  I am presently a peer mentor to current students of the JKL training program.  If you are interested in the student mentoring program for this or any other curriculum  please go to the "classes" page of this website.

  I highly recommend JKL Grooming Academy if you are planning on becoming a reputable, highly trained pet groomer in any Country or Province.  Joy  Waters(owner/operator) has her hand on the pulse of the grooming industry, and has for over 30 years. 

JKL Training Academy is  an International Accredited training organization.  Click on the link above for more information about JKL groomer training.

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