About the groomer...

At Little Wiggles Dog Grooming we offer full service grooming for dogs up to 40lbs. All full service grooms include deep tissue massage, nail trimming, one coat management procedure such as clip style or hand scissoring up to allotted time,  pee breaks, and one groomer working on your pet from start to finish.

We do not use cage dryers; all dogs are hand dried and no dog is  ever left unattended. Dogs with special needs or heath conditions are welcome and special care is taken.  

Untreated or sick dogs will be refused and referred to the local Veterinarian for assessment prior to grooming.  All dogs receive a health check prior to each grooming session.  If your pet has had any health issues or injuries since their last appointment please inform your groomer at drop off.  

Our thoughts about "Regulation" of Groomers in Canada 

Currently in BC and in Canada it is not required that  groomer be certified or even formally trained nor are we regulated in any way.  We at Little Wiggles support the idea of regulating groomers in Canada, and we support certification in order to provide safe and healthy grooming services in our communities.

 That said, we also believe that this should not be such an expensive endeavour that it causes an increase in prices for customers or makes it impossible to meet the demands of certain organisations whose goal is to make money through providing the only "approved" training available.  There are some major conflicts of interest that are coming to the surface with the current push for legislation of the grooming industry. 

There is a clear distinction between "Certification" and "Regulation".  

Certification: A certifying body that is usually a training institute or school.   

 Regulator: regulation  is usually done by the government ensuring health and safety standards, proper and ethical business practice, insurance etc. When the government does not do it it is considered to be "self-regulating".  

 Certain private interests are attempting to blurr the definitions: some of their proposed fees and requirements are quite expensive (several thousands of dollars in the end) and are only available through their private organisation ; ie: turning it into big business at a big cost.  We believe that it does not need to be an astronomical cost to certify a groomer, or to regulate this industry, and that this can be achieved by the industry itself developing a standardised and fair approach that involves the input of all grooming schools equally and those that meet the criteria, groomers, and the customer/client and other related pet care providers can share in equal opportunity respecting those who have paved the way for many years leading up to this point. 

I also recognise there is a distinction between "show grooming" and "companion pet grooming" and I am skilled and proficient at both.

Certification ensures an in depth knowledge in pet health and safety in a communal pet environment. This ensures a healthy outcome for your pet where they will not be unnecessarily exposed to communicable diseases nor will they be hurt from lack of care or knowledge of safety, anatomy, hygiene etc. 

There are many things to consider both Provincially as well as on the Federal level.  We do not fear regulation but rather look forward to the opportunity to fairly take part in the process as it develops.  

We believe  the important issue is skilled, quality care for your companion pet in a safe and healthy environment....you can be assured that those needs will be met at Little Wiggles Dog Grooming. 

 Trish has 9 years of dog grooming experience and 35 years of professional hairdressing skills and experience that have easily transferred into dog Grooming - and she loves dogs! 

She holds a Diploma (graduated with "Highest Honors") in Pet Grooming, a Certificate in Pet First Aid with Walks"N"Wags Training program.

Due to a high need for Pet First Aid in Northern BC she is also now also a certified Pet First Aid Instructor for the Northern region. See  the Little Wiggles menu selections on the left hand side of this page for course information and upcoming dates. - currently only offering group registrations of minimum 6 students for 2017

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