Certification and Education:

In Canada there is currently no Federal or Provincial level of Certification required of groomers.  I believe it is imperative that groomers have valid, recognized, and up to date recognized education in the grooming field.  I am certified as a JKL Pet Groomer at the Diploma level and graduated with "Highest Honors" from  JKL Training Academy. 

JKL is a certified and recognized program , has a successful 30 year history, and is  an Internationally Accredited pet grooming school that sets industry standard world wide from Canada, the UK, Australia, Europe and to Japan and beyond. 

 Industry Regulation: I have been involved in the implemetation of the only organization driven by Pet Professinals and the client base that is working on ensuring all Pet Care services are held to the highest standards and that professinals are recognized for their experience, education and skills. This includes home based operations, store front operations, and all service oriented businesses. Our purpose is to ensure the service provider is "proven", follows "best practices" and the client is able determine if  they are dealing with a properly run clean shop with skilled professionals that are trained in the clean and quality care of companion pets.  Regulation is seperate from Certification. A Pet Professional would be "certified"  by a school and "Regulated" via membership (in good standing) of an overseeing body as the Federaal, Provincial Govenments, Municipalities and District requirements set forth.

We believe if a school is running a regulation board - it is in conflict with the ability to affectively and fairly govern all groomers with respect to the varied training sources that are available.  The conflict lies where it becomes  exclusionary from the full range of professional groomer training that are available in Canada as a whole and in each Province and is therefore is s conflict of interest.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pet-Professionals-Alliance-of-Canada/502993566434229?ref=hl

The website for this organization is under construction and will be posted when it is up and running.

Pet First Aid: I am the regional Instructor and hold a separate Certificate through Walks'N'Wags Pet First Aid Training. Walks'N'Wags is also an Internationally delivered training program that has not only been reviewed by Veterinarians, but also has been delivered to pet owners, pet care professionals, and various SPCA, and other pet rescue organizations and has been proven over time to be come the most trusted and recognized source of "best practices" for Pet First Aid Training.


Media and Public Experience:

I have written an article for the Terrace Standard about the horrible incident of the "culling" of the Whistler Sled Dogs and the new legislation brought in as a result of that incident and how that affects our community as a whole.

I have been interviewed by CBC Radio show for the  North by Northwest morning show on the same subject to bring awareness and to educate the public on the issues at hand. 

I am currently working with a team of Terrace residents to attract a 3rd Veterinarian to assist our existing two Vets in providing full coverage of a full spectrum of all-animal care in our region.  We are currently without a Vet that provides care to large dogs, equine, or farm animals and access to existing Vet care is extremely limited. People find themselves driving to Kitimat, Prince Rupert, and Smithers (even as far as Prince George) in emergency situations in very bad winter road conditions....with our community in the process of expanding we see the need for an additional Vet in Terrace in order to assist in full coverage of a full spectrum of animal care - here. Notice: Success!  We now have a new Veterinarian in Terrace, BC! 

Letters of support can be sent here:  recruitavet@gmail.com 


I believe in "Integrity, Honesty and Transparency" where pet care is concerned. A pet owner should feel comfortable asking questions when looking for any qualified pet care professional.

Here are some of the questions that any pet care professional should be willing to answer for you:

1 - Where did you receive your training?

2 - What level (Certificate or Diploma) do you have?

2 - Do you have Pet 1st Aid Training?

3 - Are you insured for injury to my pet, or if something happens to them and not just insured for location?

4 - What type of products do you use?

5-  Always check that your service provider is working from a clean shop.  Foul odors are a sign of contamination that has not been addressed; don't be afraid to ask what their cleaning procedure is.

Pet Care Professionals who have worked hard to gain a high level of training, experience and recognition should be thrilled to share this information with you. All Certificates, Diplomas, or other documentation should be proudly displayed in a place where anyone can easily see them without asking and that is what you will find at Little Wiggles Dog Grooming.   

I am proud of all the hard work, time and money I have dedicated to ensuring that I can offer you the best care possible for your pet and love telling anybody about it who cares to listen.

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