Groomer - Client Relationship

It is very important to me to develop a respectful working relationship with the clients who bring their little ones to me.  I will take the time to talk to you, learn about your pet, and help you in any way I can to improve their health and their lives. 

If at anytime there is something you are not happy about - I encourage you to engage me in a respectful conversation where I am able to determine how to proceed to make each and every customer and their dog/cat happy.  It is important that you give me an opportunity to resolve any issue that may arise. 

As a groomer it is very important to me that a good relationship is established between myself and you, the pet owner.   The following issues are being addressed here due to an apparent need to clarify some issues that have arisen over the years.  

 I work with dogs because I love them and I am good at what I do.  You can be sure your pet will receive the best grooming care by a professional, fully trained,  and experienced groomer when you come to Little Wiggles Dog Grooming.  I work with one dog, from start to finish, giving them every ounce of energy, love and attention I have to give and 100% of my attention when they are here. 

I do not add unnecesary charges and I am very fair when it comes to the billing process.  That said, I do charge for the time and the work that I do.  This is not "all about money" for me however I do not work for free;   I often give much time and services away for free and when I choose to do this it is at my discretion and not to be taken for granted.  When I do this there is usually a reason such as customer appreciation/loyalty or just kind heartedness and it is not to be taken advantage of or expected.  It is a gift. 

I groom from my home.  It is requested that this is respected by not arriving without an appointment, or coming here outside of business hours unless we have pre-arranged something to that affect.  It is also for this reason that I request that 10am appointments not show up at 8:30am.  Maximum fifteen (15) minutes advance arrival is recommended.  I do my best to accomodate everyone's schedule - I need my privacy and personal space outside of business hours so please respect this.

It is also requested that you keep in mind my day off is Sunday.  I have taken the action of turning my phone off on these days due to calls incoming at 7:30 am on a Sunday morning or at 11pm on any given night.  Please leave a message on these days and do not call at unreasonable hours. 

Knock when you arrive and wait for the door to be answered; there are reminder signs on the door.  Again, this is my home and simply walking in is a violation of my privacy.  It also presents a potential hazard to the animal that may be in the middle of the grooming process having intricate work done with very sharp tools such as scissors (near the eyes) , and/or can present an escape hazard if an animal if "free walking" in the shop. 

Finally; I will not tolerate rudeness, anger, swearing, threats or any other negative or mean behavior from any client, at any time.  As I said this is my home. Anyone who engages in this type of behavior will be asked to leave, and is not welcome back.

If you are not happy with our relationship or the grooming outcomes, and I am not able to reasonably rectify what is wrong, and you have made a polite, and honest effort to resolve issues with me - only then will I recommend you to another groomer.  

I write this with much reluctance and sadly out of necessity to clarify these points.  Thank you.     

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