Please ensure your dog is on a leash and under your control upon exiting your vehicle so they don't run off between your vehicle and the door.  Once you are received a client card will be created including all contact information for you the owner, a health questionnaire (verbal/documented), and any necessary forms will be filled out and signed.  A initial health check will be performed to determine a general idea of the over-all health and condition of your pet.  Based on this thorough intake you will be given a time estimate for the grooming appointment.  The person who owns the pet must be the person who brings them for their first appointment.  After that it is fine to have family or friends drop off and pick-up.

What to bring for the first appointment:

1 -Leash - for pee breaks if groom exceeds 2hrs.  You are responsible to make sure your animal is toileted prior to arrival.  CATS must arrive in escape -proof kennel cage. 

2 -Health records & name of your Vet - so I can determine the best approach for your pet.  I will need to know things such as: dietary/skin allergies, if there are dental problems, other types of skin problems such as growths, and history of previous injuries etc. .  You will be asked if your pet has a history of biting (groomers), or other behaviour issues; this is for groomer safety.  Dogs that bite excessively (ie: breaking the skin) or viciously (ie: a safety hazard for themselves due to the sharp scissors etc) will not be received and referrals may be made when asked for. We work with local dog trainers in order to connect you with the best options in our community so that behaviour can be improved in preparation for future grooming intake.  The groomer MUST be informed if your dog has a history of biting or "nipping". 

3 - Any topical products such as flea drops, medicated shampoos, etc. (regular shampoo & products are included) I will not apply anything that is not Veterinary recommended or that is not purchased through a Veterinary office.

4 - You will sign for all information that you provide to ensure it is correct.  If there are any subsequent changes to the information it is your responsibility to inform the groomer so it can be added to the client information card to ensure the best possible care for your pet. 

5 - If there are excessive matts present that are a concern for difficult removal; you will be asked to sign a form that indicates you understand the implications of this procedure. Please see Matted Pet Policy page on this website for more information.

6 - If your pet is a Senior Pet (over 7 yrs)  or has extenuating health issues such as recent surgery, spinal injuries etc. you will be asked to sign a form indicating your understand potential health risks of grooming a Senior or Special Needs Pet.  Please see Senior/Special Needs Pet Policy on this website for more information.

The Groom:

All grooms will be conducted with the intentions of what is best for the dog/cat with health being the primary focus.  If there is extensive matting, skin or other  health issues; these will be considered first over cosmetic appearance.  A full service groom is considered to be 1hr and includes, bath, basic clip style, ear care, foot care & nails.  All other services are subject to additional charges.  You will be informed if there are any health issues that are discovered during the grooming process. 2 hours are allotted for each appointment in order to allow for unexpected circumstances.  You will always be informed about anything like this so please make sure your contact information is current and up to date at all times.  The extra time also allows for drop off and pick-up - it is very important that you are available so we can maintain the one on one service for all appointments on the schedule for the day.  

If there are any major health concerns or anything that is going to add substantial additional costs you will be informed.  Otherwise, you will be called for pick-up and given a total cost at that time.  I do my best to keep costs down for my customers; however home grooming care is also paramount to excellent grooming outcomes.  I make every effort to help you, the client, to identify what is best for your dog/cat.  This may include a home grooming plan, diet, or Veterinary care. 

Please do not arrive early for pick-up as this disturbs the grooming process of your dog and ultimately may add bill-able time to your final charges if your early presence causes your dog to become difficult to manage during the finishing stages of the groom.  If you are early feel free to wait in your car and I will call you in when we are done.  In the hot months of summer there is a comfortable seating area on the deck with wifi for your convenience.  Cool drinks such as lemonade or iced tea are available on hot days as well and will be placed in a jug on the table - help yourself.   

Please do not request to stay with your dog  for this groom as this also disturbs the grooming process and will not help your pet to be "more relaxed" but will make the grooming process take longer - essentially adding chargeable time to the groom. 

You will be given a "suggested" grooming schedule.  Of course it is up to you how often your pet is groomed; however the recommended grooming schedule is designed for the best "health outcome" for your dog and will save you money in the course of the year.  This may include a  more intensive grooming schedule (monthly) if there are skin, foot, or other health issues.  This type of more intensive program is usually for a 3 month period, then cutting back to a less frequent grooming schedule. This is in order to keep/return your pet to good health and save you money by addressing potential health issues early, or to assist in Vet instructions being carried out to prevent further compromised health in the future.   Each animal is carefully assessed to determine a grooming program that is specific to their personal needs. 

You will be expected to pick up your pet within approximately 1/2hr of the call you receive to pick your pet up.  Please make the necessary allowances to your schedule to allow for this. Keep to this schedule enables each client to have their time slot with no cross-over in the driveway or at the door way with other pets.  Late pick-ups or abandoned pets will have pet day care charges applied - please see rates page for more information. I am very forgiving with phone calls and communication so please, if you are going to be late, let me know.

Please see Customer Satisfaction page for further information. 

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