Vaccination Policy:

It is every pet owners responsibility to make sure their pet has been vaccinated according to their Veterinarians recommendations.  Your Veterinarian will make these recommendations based on criteria such as the area you live in or travel to, the types of diseases that are common in your region, and the age of your pet. 

Your pet may be deemed at high risk if he/she is a senior, if you work or volunteer at a kennel/vet's office/animal rescue/pound.  If this is the case you will need to make sure your pet is vaccinated and you take certain steps to ensure you are not transferring disease to your own pet at home or to the community at large.  All dogs need to be vaccinated; high risk dogs may need more frequent vaccinations for certain illnesses. Again, it is your responsibility to protect your pet from communicable diseases and parasites such as fleas.  

At Little Wiggles we do everything possible to reduce the risk of cross contamination of communicable diseases between dogs.  Some of these things are as follows: 

1 -avoidance of cross-over of drop-offs and pick-ups of dogs from different households.  This is why it is important for you to be on time for drop-off and pick-up times.

2 -cleaning of tools and equipment between grooms. We use a virucide, bactericide, and fungicide professional grade product that sits for at least the recommended 10 minutes before being pressure washed and then high velocity air dried.  This includes cleaning of the apron I wear, clipper blades, tub, brushes, combs, kennels, floors, etc. between grooms and a thorough cleaning of the entire shop at each days end.

3 - towels are washed with bleach, then dried in a hot dryer. Each dog has two clean and fresh towels used on them each time they are groomed.

4 - Each day I wear a new clean grooming uniform that is properly cleaned from one use to the next. A fresh uniform reduces cross contamination. If I groom a particularly dirty dog; I change my uniform prior to handling the next dog. Rescue dogs are not groomed on regular business days and the shop is thoroughly cleaned prior to re-opening for regular business.

5 - My own dogs are fully vaccinated and do not attend in the grooming shop  in order to protect them and potentially other dogs from any kind of cross-contamination.  Sometimes you may see my cats in the shop - they are also fully vaccinated.  All my pets are given a preventative flea treatment in the months where fleas are an issue.  My shop is treated on a regular basis as well.  Please inform me upon making an appointment if your dog has fleas, it will be required that you treat your dog with a Vet approved flea treatment prior to attending the shop for grooming services in order to prevent the potential spread of fleas to other customer's pets.

6 - If a dog is given water to drink while they are here, it is in a clean and sanitised bowl that is of a non-porous material so it can be properly sanitised.

7 - an "ozonator" is used during after hours to clean the air and further sanitise all the surfaces and nooks and crannies of every inch of the grooming shop etc. Ozone is a gas that is used to keep public pools clean, and is used in other professions such as dentistry. It is not used while pets are in the shop. 

8 - requirement of all pet owners to pick up their own dogs poop on the property (bags are provided beside the door in a dispenser).  You may not allow their dog to pee on my house, car, gardens etc., and to keep their dog on a leash when on the grounds, and other measures to ensure safety and good health.  These measures are in place for cleanliness which is "best practices" and health outcome based. Signs are posted on the property to help with guidelines as they change through the season. Making sure your dog is under your control and on a leash upon exiting your car will help ensure this is not a problem.

Ultimately, your pet's health and well-being is your responsibility and a regular vaccination program through your Veterinarian is your best line of defence.  Please respect the vaccination policy and  keep your dog and other dogs in this community in good health by following a recommended vaccination program.

Sick Dog Policy:

All dogs will be given a comprehensive health inspection at time of drop off.  If your dog is deemed to be sick or experiencing any kind of infection at any time during the grooming process the appointment may be ceased on the spot and you may be called to pick up your pet immediately and you will be be referred to your Veterinarian. 

If this happens you will be required to produce  documentation showing a clean bill of health from a registered Veterinarian of health prior to your pet returning for subsequent grooming care.  The letter must clearly state the original diagnosis, treatment protocol, and must clearly state that the pet has recovered and is no longer contagious or a risk  to other animals or a risk to attend a communal grooming environment.  This letter must be dated within 30 days of return and must have your name and your pets name on it as shown in my files (matching). I recommend asking the Vet's office to email the letter directly to me at:

In some cases I may allow a dog to return under close consultation and monitoring of their condition between you, the client and myself - this is at groomer discretion.  

I cannot stress enough the importance of regularly scheduled vaccinations for your pets.  It is much easier and more cost efficient to pay for shots/vaccinations as a preventative measure than to have your pets health compromised when they get sick, then pay for un-planned emergency Vet appointments and medications, make trips out of town to access Vet care, pay for follow-up appointments, blood tests and letters etc. 

At intake you are asked if your pet is up to date on shots/vaccinations, I can only rely on the person answering to be truthful when answering me.  Due to various reasons  such as relocation, Vet's retiring, and Vets who are too busy to provide secondary copies of documentation, it is not always possible to rely on copies of vaccinations.  Please ensure you get your documentation at the initial visit with your Veterinarian, and a detailed (itemised) bill.

At least once a year I also launch a "Vax-Ed" Program - (Vaccination Education) and when we have reviewed the importance of Vaccinations it is noted on your file.

I am a certified pet first aid instructor, and I receive ongoing and up to date continuing education and professional certificates on the subject of pet health care needs. As well, I try to stay up to date on all aspects of pet health including vaccinations, titer testing, behavior training, breed specific issues and more.

All dogs have exposure to potential disease - all dogs (and cats) need preventative measures such as vaccinations.

Final note: each client is asked upon intake if their pet(s) have up to date shots/vaccinations and they sign an intake client card verifying the information given to be accurate and correct; it is a requirement of grooming for your pet to be up to date on their shots/vaccinations. This is a potential safety/health issue for me the groomer, and for other client's dogs, as well as to keep communicable disease in our community at a minimum.  If it is discovered a client has been dishonest with me about shots/vaccinations - they will be let go immediately.

Nails Drop-In Policy

One free nails drop-in is allowed per dog within 3 months of last in-house groom (performed by Little Wiggles Dog Grooming). Additional nail management services will be by donation of a minimum $5 per dog per nails trim on regularly scheduled monthly nails drop-in dates. This does not include nail grinding or filing which is a separate charge. Nail clipping with grinding/filing is  a $20 fee. Nails appointments outside of regular scheduled nails day will be due all applicable fees for services provided. Only active clients in good standing who use the appropriate registration venues will wualify for the complimentary nail services.

Referral Discounts Policy

Discounts and other client benefits programs will be offered from time to time and are entirely at the discretion of Little Wiggles Dog Grooming and it’s representatives. Referral discounts will only be considered when the referred client informs the establishment that they have been referred by an existing client who is in good standing, the name ofthat person who referred them, and that the information has been provided BEFORE a referral groom has been completed and will NOT be applied retroactively at any time. Discounts have no cash or monetary value and will not be “paid out” at any time. If a client has benefited from a referral discount through any means they will be informed at the time the referred client has completed their service, it is acceptable to inform the establishment you have made a referral however if the referred client does not follow through with a paid service, no discount will be applied. A referred client may have been referred by more than one person: the referring client who receives the benefit will be determined by the name that the referred client provides to Little Wiggles Dog Grooming at the time of their appointment. Multiple discounts to multiple referring parties will NOT be given. 

Exclusions: discounts will not be applied to services that involve aggressive dogs, dogs who bite, or who have or are discovered to have these behaviour issues. We are no longer servicing aggressive pets or pets who bite.

What does “In good standing mean?”

“In good standing” means a client who has received paid grooming services that have been performed by us, within the last 3 months/90 days, who have not missed an appointment or been excessively late for appointments without calling in advance  to communicate with us that they will be unable to attend or will be excessively late for a scheduled appointment. 

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