New! Home Dog Grooming & Basic Pet First Aid Class 2018
Saturday Individual and Group Class Dates Available

please read class description below

Who is this class for? 

Anyone who has an interest in learning how to groom their dog at home and who wants to learn basic Pet First Aid knowledge and procedures. This is a combined, condensed, intensive class.

Why would you want or need to groom your dog at home? 
There are many reasons: you will save money over the course of your pets life if you can improve and maintain your pets grooming health, you will save your hard earned money, you will build a better relationship with your pet, and if your pet receives Professional Grooming for hair clipping purposes you can extend the time a professional groom will last by performing basic home grooming between regularly scheduled appointments, or if you have a dog without hair cutting/clipping needs you can easily manage grooming at home confidently and entirely on your own!  Rescue volunteers will find the skills taught in this course beneficial in helping get a dog accustomed to being handled and ready for fostering or adoption. Fact:  Did you know that dogs that have been groomed that are much nicer to snuggle and when rescue animals are nice and they clean have a much better chance of being adopted? Did you also know that regular grooming can help improve your dogs over-all health?  Yes, grooming can do all that! 

What does it cost? 
$189.00 per person
Register with the online form on your right. 

You will be contacted to arrange payment and to schedule your session. 
Please inquire for group rates
What will I learn?
 You will learn what your dogs grooming needs are according to breed, coat type, and how to safely and efficiently bath your dog in a way that has them looking forward to the process rather than running and hiding. Nails! You will learn to confidently trim your pets nails in a stress free way without hurting them,ensuring your dogs feet can continue to grow in good health...You will learn why all this is so important to your dogs health...You will also learn the tools and products appropriate to your dogs coat type, how to properly use those tools and products as well as  how to look out for general health issues like skin problems, and how to identify a flea and other parasite issues, how to deal with it and when to see a Veterinarian.

Basic Pet First Aid

This portion of the class will include how to assess your pet when injured, pet poisons, how to apply basic first aid, communicable diseases, the why and when of pet vaccinations and how they work, overview bandaging techniques, Pet CPR and more!

What kind of guest speakers will you have? 

Guest speakers will vary depending on the class you are participating in.  We are working with other pet professionals in the North to bring sections on pet behaviour management, dietary and food education, as well as other subjects - please be sure to tell us what you would like to learn about so we can meet the demand for all your pet knowledge wants. 

Do I get a Certificate? 

Yes!  you will receive a Certificate of Completion if you attend the full program.  There will be a short quiz at the end of the day to ensure you have understood all aspects of the training curriculum.  We want to ensure your success so if there is any reason you have trouble with a written test we can accommodate oral testing for you. 

What else to do I get? 

You will get a nice workbook to use during the class and to take home and refer to, you will get a laminated step by step guide to help you remember all the steps to bathing, learn how to trim nails with no stress, you will gain confidence in looking after your pet to the highest standards and most of all your relationship with your pet will become stronger.  You will be able to network for pet resources in our community with other pet professionals and be a part of our Little Wiggles Facebook community.  

Can I bring my dog?  

All individual classes will be conducted with your real dog. If you don’t have a dog then a pre-approved canine friend can be made available to you.  For various reasons it is not appropriate to have multiple dogs and people in the class environment for such a long day so group classes will be conducted with one pre-approved guest dog for portiins of the class that require live example.  Group participants can however request a supplementary personal demonstration with your own pet. You will be guided through all aspects of grooming your own pet will be groomed from start to finish. This class does not include any hair clipping skills.  It does include some basic scissoring techniques. You will have the instructor all to yourself for the private session. 
 Additional fees apply please inquire

Where do I sign up?!
Just fill in the form on this page and forward payment and you are signed up!  Please feel free to contact us at 250-635-4026 if you have any questions.  You can also put your questions in the comment box of the online form and we will call you back. Electronic e-transfers are preferred.  If this is a gift you can ask for a "Seat Confirmation" to place in a card for someone who you think could benefit from this class. This class is located in beautiful Terrace, BC. 

Pet First Aid Training (Full 10hr Course)

This is a completely separate group class. Cost:$229 per person

Upcoming Course Dates: please inquire to schedule a date for your group.

Special Group Class dates will be scheduled for minimum of 6 students for 2018 - please contact me for further details.  

Registration by phone 250-635-4026

When I have at least 6 confirmed registered students a new 2014 date will be set. Please call now to get on the contact list.

Please contact me if you are interested in a small or large group course in 2013. 

I will now be offering special classes by request which can either be on-site at Little Wiggles Dog Grooming in Terrace, BC  or at your location. 

Call 635-4026 for more information - I can help you organize a class at your location.

 Pet First Aid Kits: $45

(price of kits are at cost plus taxes and slightly less shipping and handling costs that you would normally be charged if you ordered directly online sources)

A minimum class enrolment  of 6 people within Terrace/Thornhill region will  apply.

The minimum class enrollment for out of town class presentations is 10 participants + an accommodation and mileage fee.

All classes must be prepaid  in full a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of date. 

 ___________Past completed Classes                           

May 31, 2014 - Saturday - Completed

8am - 8pm with lunch break (coffee, tea, snacks provided)

Contact 250-635-4026 to register

Location: Little Wiggles Dog Grooming - studio

April 27, 2013 - (Saturday)  -  Completed

8am - 7pm with lunch break (coffee, Tea, snacks provided)

Contact 250-635-4026 to register

Location: Little Wiggles Dog Grooming - studio


November 19, 21, 23 - 2012 - Completed

(Monday,Wednesday,Friday) Evenings 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Contact 635-4026 for more details.

Refresher seats available - free (must register, please see  bunus details at the bottom of this page)

Location: Little Wiggles Dog Grooming - The Studio

4627 Queensway Dr. Terrace, BC

Seat must be paid for by the Friday prior to class (Nov.16/12)

January 25 & 26th, 2013 - Completed

Friday 5:00 pm -9:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am 4:00 pm

Contact 635-4026 for more details

Refresher seats available - free (must register please see bonus details at the bottom of this page)

Location: Little Wiggles Dog Grooming - The Studio

4627 Queensway Dr. Terrace, BC

All seats must be paid for by January 23, 2013


September 21, 2012  - Completed

Contact 635-4026 for details

Location:  St. John's Ambulance - Terrace, BC

Spaces are available for registered refresher class for previous students. 


Fri. 6pm - 10pm

Sat. 9am - 4:30pm


March 30/31, 2012 - completed

Fri 6pm-10pm & Sat 10am-5pm

 Location to be announced


Important topics covered in the Full Pet First Aid courses include:

  • Recognition of signs of common illness and injury
  • Safely working with an injured animal 
  • Zoonoses/Parasites
  • Immediate steps to take in an emergency
  • how to handle bleeding and bone injuries
  • Choking skills
  • Drowning - water in lungs
  • How to perform Artificial Respiration (AR) and CPR 
  • What to do for poisoning, frostbite, heatstroke,burns,
  • .....and much much more!

We include a strong emphasis on methods of preventing illness and injury.

                     Call now to register!


Bike Riding with your Best Friend! 
Classes beginning in April 2018!  
Learn how to safely ride your bike with your dog either on or off leash!  
Class Date:  April 21st rain or shine
9am - 12 noon
Special Advance Purchase Price of :  $50 for the first person and $40 for each additional person 
that signs up with you  
Maximum 6 per class
This is a great way for both of you to get your exercise!  You will need to bring your own bike, safety gear, flexi-leash, helmet and other standard safety gear, dress appropriately and get ready to have some fun!  The first class is an individual 1-1 instructional session. Once you have participated in at least one instructional class you are invited to participate in free bi-weekly group rides with continued guidance from your instructor! Intake for new members will be ongoing throughout the riding season.

You and your pet must be in good over-all health, and must have the ability to spend 3 hours outside, on your bike, being physically active and engaged, this is an active participation class!  Beginners are welcome and encouraged!

You will find absolute joy in riding with your best friend in our beautiful local trails and out of the way roads.  We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth!  

Your Instructor:  

Trish Seal has been a Certified Professional Groomer since 2009 and received the Terrace Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award in 2013 in the category of home based business.  She has mentored and instructed student groomers and has taught various pet related and art classes in the community since 2012.   

In 2011 Trish developed an interest in Pet First Aid first when grooming elderly, special needs and medically compromised animals.  Then she noticed there were pet owners, pet rescue volunteers and animal related workers in the community who needed Pet First Aid Skills when rescuing and working with animals so she took on the challenge of becoming Northern BC's only active Pet First Aid Instructor offering the most comprehensive and up to date Pet First Aid program available today. 

Trusted, Proven and Recognised.   We offer ongoing networking and support for our graduates through our Facebook groups, pages and direct contact support.

Anyone who has exposure to domestic or companion animals can benefit from taking this program; pet owners, volunteers, industry workers, animal rescue workers, hobby farmers, as well as the general public.    Go to bottom of this section for our contact/expression of interest form.

Pet First Aid courses will be delivered in Terrace BC, however special arrangments can be made for other regions of BC.  

Cost: $ 230.00 + GST per person

Purchase a First Aid Kit for an additional 

                       $65.00 CAD

Payments must be made in advance by internet banking, cheque, money order or in cash to hold seat.  

Cheques are not accepted.

 Due to individual course material requirements  (books,location set up, certificates, etc), we must implement a withdrawal policy as follows:  you may receive full refund if you withdraw up to two weeks prior to course start.  If you withdraw with less than two weeks and up to one week prior to course notice there is a $25 fee.  Less than one week -you will be reimbursed half of your full fee - or you can reschedule in one of our other dates for the same course..

If courses are rescheduled or cancelled by Little Wiggles Dog Grooming, all payments will be honoured or refunded in full.  This excludes your personal banking fees. money order pr any other fees. 


Distance Education Professional Grooming Student Mentoring Program $129 per month

This service is available to grooming students who are enrolled in JKL distance education or to anyone starting out on their own after any professional groomer training program and may include ongoing communication and mentoring via scheduled weekly video calling and other means of scheduled communications. You can select a combination of services that work best for you for a total 3 instructor hours per month.  Online venues such as skype and or face-time can be used to give guidance during a practice groom in real time just like the instructor was there in the shop with you.  Assistance and guidance is available for getting started with your skills practice, business operations, shop set up, tools guidance, community relations support, weekly or daily scheduled telephone support check-ins and more! 

Little Wiggles Grooming Student Practicums may be arranged under special circumstances and separate fees apply and are scheduled on a 5 day week basis running from 10am - 6pm Tuesday to Saturday. Fees for this service are $799 per week and are on a one on one basis. this does not include accommodation. In order to qualify for grooming practicums the student must have completed the first four modules in the JKL training program. For other training programs please contact the instructor for curriculum assessment.  

Contact us for more details 250-635-4026 or email at

Location:  All in person services and classes are in beautiful Terrace, B.C. Please contact us for assistance with accommodations.  


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