Picture Gallery - all breed all coat types. (Small dogs up to 20lbs)

"Three darling little pugs" they are so cute! Smooth coated dogs such as these can come in for reduced schedule grooms to ensure their important parts are looked after like nails, eyes, skin etc.


At your service for Shitzu's !

All variations of Yorkie styles - this is Charlie looking all spiffed up for his Mama - thank you Charlie!
Spike is a beautiful example of a West Highland Terrier (Westie) These photos show a side and rear view of the details of a "true Westie" style that we are working towards.  

Miss "Puppy le Pew"    the Grand Dame of the shop  receiving her bi-weekly groom. Sadly we said farewell to Miss Le Pew however she remains the inspiration for Little Wiggles Dog Grooming so will always have a place on our wall of fame! 


At your service for poodles including all 8 progression show styles and companion pet style grooming!  (showing Maggie - below-  in one of her progression show poodle styles) A big thank you to Maggie!

Sam the Most Amazing Cat!  He is smiling inside lol because he loves being groomed and purrs the whole time.
Pepper is a therapy dog who spends her time comforting children and families who have been evacuated or who have suffered trauma.  Her owner does her hair colouring and I work with the color to groom her in a befitting style.  Pepper is a very sweet girl - thank you Pepper!

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