Senior and Special Needs Pet Policy 

At Little Wiggles Dog (and cat) Grooming your  pet's safety and comfort are our first priority.  Every effort will be made to make your senior or special needs pet's grooming experience as pleasant and safe as possible. 

Senior and special needs pets have special needs that are unique and include certain health issues that may or may not be identified.  The grooming procedure can be very stressful for your pet, especially the senior pet; it can expose hidden medical conditions or aggravate an existing one.  This can occur during or after the grooming process.  Pets who have previous or current injuries they are healing from need special care during the grooming process and we strive to ensure their health needs are a priority where grooming is concerned.

At Little Wiggles Dog Grooming we use deep tissue massage, distraction, and various other calming strategies to calm stressed and upset pets.  Pets who have limited motion due to injury are given special consideration and may take additional time to manage through the grooming process.

Senior pets have a greater chance of injury (including stress related) and often have less tolerance to being handled.   Special needs pets are at greater chance of re-injury if the required time is not taken to meet their needs for care.  The grooming procedure can cause uncharacteristic aggressive behaviour in normally well-behaved animals.This lowered tolerance can manifest in resistance to grooming and/or aggressive behaviour such as biting the groomer.  The groom will be stopped if the skin is broken if/when the groomer is bitten.  (full groom fees will be charged) Additional appointments may need to be booked to finish the groom.

It is for these reasons that the focus of "health first" is primary over cosmetic appearances.  Your pet will be groomed in a style that is appropriate and that will lessen the need for frequent grooming.  Less frequent grooming minimises the exposure to the stress that can be associated with grooming and therefore lowers the possibility of grooming related health issues or re-injury. 

A pet is considered "senior" once it has reached seven (7) years of age.  Owners of senior pets will be asked to sign a release form indicating that they are aware of the risks associated with grooming a senior pet.  This release form ensures that the owner is aware of the above points and that the groom may be stopped due to health issues, biting, or if the pet's behaviour is compromising groomer / pet safety. 

Medical conditions that are exposed during the grooming process for the Senior pet are not the responsibility of the groomer. The client will be informed if any concerns are discovered.

A detailed written and verbal report is always given after each groom.  This report is yours to keep for your records - a second copy is held in our files..

If at any point during the groom your pet needs immediate Veterinary care;  the groom will be ceased, life saving measures will be taken, you will be called to collect your dog/cat and referred to the Vet, or we will meet at the Veterinarian indicated  by you  on your client card.  At the first opportunity you will take over decision making for your pet. 

Should the pet need to see the Vet due to age related health issues that are exposed during the grooming process; it is the sole responsibility of the pet owner to pay "any and all" Veterinary bills.   

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